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What is Marketing?

For years, people have looked at Marketing as some obscure concept, a word that actually means something where Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the ToothFairy all live together peacefully. The truth is quite the opposite. Let’s start with what Marketing isn’t. Marketing does not mean becoming overly assertive about selling or advertising your products or…

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Achieve your nonprofit mission

Are you a nonprofit organization? If you haven’t reached your goal yet, here’s why… If you are on the board of a nonprofit organization, you probably have a mission and goals. The burning question is “How do you reach them?” The answer is quite simple. All too many nonprofits do 1 of 2 things wrong.…


Number 1 tip to close deals

Did you just hear that?! No? If not, you’re missing out, leaving money on the table, and losing valuable insight… If you’re running a business, you’re BUSY. You have a million things to do and are constantly working to generate leads, provide customer service, manage your employees, and on and on and on. When it…

likes don't equal success

Tips to increase leads and sales using social media

Do you want more likes on social media? If your business is on social media, you DO NOT need more likes, you DO need to use it to drive sales. Likes are fine, but if you’re not turning those likes into customers, you’re wasting valuable time and energy. It’s true that social media can be used…

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Share your life with a personal website

Protect your privacy and share your life with a personal website

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Why you need a website for your business

If you own a business, you need a website. For many business owners, they feel that a website sounds unnecessary, a waste of time even. Unfortunately, many businesses go without a website and miss so many opportunities. Some business owners think that they lack the skills, time, or money to build a professional website. Others have a website built…

dreams to reality

How to make your ideas a reality

So you have the best idea for your amazing new business website. That’s awesome! Congratulations! Now how will you make that idea a reality? As a business owner, you have a few options: Throw something together yourself using any of the website builders so many people choose to use. Pay one of your employees’ kids who ‘designs websites’…


How much should a small business website cost?

Your small business needs a website. But you think: Hey, I run a small business, I need a small business website.” A website is an investment, but it’s one of the easiest and best you can make for your business. It’ll pay for itself in a short period and promote your business 24/7, even while you…


A website is important for every small business

One of the questions we get asked is: “Why is a website important for a small business?” Every business, small or large, needs a website. A website does a few basic things, to begin with; It provides a face to the business and is often the first thing customers will see even before entering a local…

why is seo important to be found on google

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization But what is it really? And why should you care? Put simply, Search Engine Optimization means optimizing the content and structure of your website to increase traffic through search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. That being said, you should know that 80% of customers and prospective clients or supporters…