Art ES Brand

ART ES Logo with electricity


ART Electrical Solutions was happily doing fantastic electrical work but knew they needed to grow to continue their success, so they reached out to Vinspired Media to help develop a brand that would set them apart from the competition as honest, efficient and professional electricians.

The Mission

Jorge provided us with a thumbsketch done with a pencil and paper. It was nice but didn’t achieve any of the goals they needed to reach. After the sketch and a brief conversation at Starbucks about their mission and goals, we got busy creating.

Our Vision

Research began by examining the competition, a dense field of large and small businesses, to see where ART ES best fit and how they stacked up. We presented 6 initial sketches, 4 moved to the next phase of rough drafts, when 2 were selected, color and styling were finalized and the final winner was chosen.

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