How we work

What to Expect... How we work

We take pride in our work and want you to feel confident in working with us. We like to take things one step at a time. The whole process usually takes about 6-8 weeks.

Stage 1 - (Week 1) Research and Discovery


We've made contact and will continue to talk via email or phone. We'll ask questions to narrow down exactly what you need and what you expect from us. We'll send you a 5-10 questionnaire to get as much information as possible to deliver exactly what you need.

Discovery Meeting

Now that we know what you need based on the answers you provide on the questionnaire, we'll review your answers and prepare for our recorded discovery meeting to explore your answers. Our goal is to dive deep into the project and discover any underlying pain points that need to be addressed. This way, we can be as informed and prepared as we can be before submitting a formal proposal.

Discovery Meetings are a paid for service because they provide valuable insights, which can be used to make an amazing website with or without us.

Formal Proposal

Thanks to our discovery meeting, we have everything we need to prepare a formal proposal which outlines project deliverables, a timeline, payment terms and terms of service.

The proposal will act as a contract once finalized and signed.

Stage 2 - (Weeks 2-6) Design and Development

Content Organization

This often underestimated step can delay the project or get it started off on the right foot. This is where you need to submit everything you have for the website to us. That includes things like logos and images, a list of pages you want to have, website text, and anything else relevant to your website. Having all this in a timely manner helps us deliver your website on schedule.

It might sound intimidating, but we're here to help. We may send an occasional reminder or message if we're missing anything. But we can also help create or write text or other content. 

Mockups and Feedback

You'll receive design concepts based on our questionnaire and discovery meeting. We'll incorporate your logo and any font or color selections you've made. When you receive the email, you will be able to add comments to the mockup for feedback and we will make the needed changes. This stage ends when we have a solid design foundation.

Style Guide

Once design elements are decided on, we'll develop a guide that we'll use to create the rest of the website.


Using the style guide and feedback from mockups, we'll develop(build) the rest of the website.

Test Drive

Once the functioning version of the website is built, you'll receive a link to test the website out. You'll be able to navigate between pages and use any functions of your website to make sure everything works as you expect it to.

Final Sign Off

Before we launch your website, we'll ask you to do one final check through to make sure everything is perfect. Is everything spelled correctly? Are the images large enough to see easily? Is everything working as it should?

We'll check everything as well. Once it's approved, you'll be on your way.

Stage 3 - (Weeks 7-8+) Launch and Support

Launch Time!!!

After a lot of hard work on both our parts, we're ready to launch the site and set it free. We'll do this on your hosting provider r you can opt for our superior Virtual Private Server(VPS).

Website Care and Support

By this time, we consider you a partner, and we want you to succeed, so we'll help make sure your site is kept up to date, secure and always fresh. That's where our website care plan comes in.

You're already working hard, and don't have time to make sure your website's software is up to date and running as smoothly and securely as it should. You also want to keep the content up to date. Our website care plans take those burdens off of you and put them on us for an affordable monthly fee.

In addition to technical support, our care plans give you free access to premium software and plugins. each of which is adding value to your business and solving a need, even when you're sleeping.

A website care plan is tailored to your website and needs and is included in all proposals.

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